Today, I touched a crucial stepping stone in my life as a writer: I swallowed my pride. Yes, I brought my ego down a notch, folks. I realized that some things are just. Not. In. My. Wheel house. Things like, art! Things like…designing a half-decent book cover!

What was the solution to my artistic ills, you ask??? I hired somebody! I enlisted the help of a pro!

Flor Figueroa (“florfi”) of was the one that designed the makeover of Heather’s Mannequin. Her profile has gotten great marks and she offers all sorts of services (book covers of different styles, flyer/poster designs, and book trailers). I highly recommend her if you’re getting into the world of self-published writing. Her prices are also very fair.

To those who were (un)lucky enough to have the original edition cover, I say hold on to it. According to my sales data, only 8 copies of the original paperback have been sold. It may look like a murder mystery for 70-year-old women, but hold onto it. You never know if it’ll be worth a fortune someday. You just never know.

By the way, the original actually has the Arial font inside before I replaced it with Times New Roman. Reading something dark and depressing like this book in the Arial font is like the time the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers blasted LeBron in comic sans! Hilarious! (I don’t know if anyone’s going to get it. If not, please start following basketball).

As for the original cover, will I dump it in the trash? Give it the viking funeral it deserves? Or just put it on my shelf because I’m not fucking insane? Regardless of how “unprofessional” the cover is, I still love it. Remember, I was the one who conceptualized it and did the photo shoot in my back yard. The white hand holding the pink scarf is an iconic image to me. It represents the time I finally pulled my sleeves up and created something with the scant resources I had.

Keep in mind that back when I designed the original cover, I didn’t know that was a thing. Now I do, and it’s unlikely that I’ll resort to using iPhone photography again. Basically, this photo will be everything I created visually. To me, it symbolizes the beginning. It’s a reminder of where I came from. Therefore, I may use this image as a personal logo in the future. Hey, I’ve already made this the logo for ToomStone, no?

So again, I would like to thank Flor for designing the cover and capturing the ethos of Heather’s Mannequin. I would be more than willing to work with her again in the not-too-distant future (the sequel to HM is on its way).

Remember, it’s always okay to humble yourself and ask for assistance.

Check out Florfi on

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