“And the meek shall inherit the Earth.”

To all the Californians and New Yorkers on lockdown (and many more to come): All I can say is, “You’re among friends…who barely have any friends.”

Just this afternoon, it was reported that a group of college students was in Florida, celebrating Spring Break. If the local government had any sense, they would’ve shut the beach party down and quarantine the damn place. It’s pretty much a sizzling petri dish of Covid germs at this point. Way to go, boys and girls. Predictably, this is causing an uproar and ageist discrimination against Millennials. Us Millennials resent that! Those kids were Zoomers! Learn the difference!

Kids, it doesn’t matter if the survival rate is 80%. It doesn’t matter if you will likely survive an exposure to Covid-19 due to your robust immune systems. That’s not the point. What matters is you’re making yourself a carrier of the virus. That means you’re going to spread it through the surfaces you touch and the people you come into physical contact with.

The reason the government is clamping down on social congregations is to control the spread. Hospitals all over the world simply cannot afford or accommodate an astronomical amount of Covid patients.

The strain on our economy right now is bad enough. Why prolong it with additional exposures that you’re responsible for? Just stay the hell away from everybody. Communicate with them via social media or the phone. If you think that’s hard, I’ve been doing it my whole life.

Trust me, the peace of mind that a recluse enjoys is incomparable. You’re all alone with your thoughts. You’re creating worlds in your mind. You’re putting them to paper. It’s great shit. It’s like a rush, man.

Having said that, I have a mini case of wanderlust that makes me get out of the house and walk through the plaza and mall grounds nearby. I don’t interact with anyone during these morning strolls, mind you. I also give my hygiene its due diligence.

Anyway, this morning I was getting my coffee and on my way back home (through the mall grounds) a security officer stopped me, asking me what I was doing. It almost seemed like he thought the whole state (CT) was in lock down. I apologized and made my way for the periphery.

He probably overreacted. It’s not like I was carrying 10 vials of Covid and dropping them in public places. Pretty soon, I’m going to get actual police officers stopping me on the streets because I’m violating martial law. This crisis isn’t forcing me out of my comfort zone, it’s forcing me inward where a comfort zone simply does not exist. This will affect all the recluses, too. Hell, the only way you’ll be comfortable is if you’re in a coma.

And the comatose shall inherit the Earth…

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