According to my viewership statistics, very few of my followers know this, but I have a podcast to my name. Granted, it’s in the early stages. It’s currently a solo podcast and is basically just me talking to myself. In my room. Into my phone. With a dog snoring louder than a goddamn leaf blower.

You get the gist. My podcast is very minimalist, and very low-budget. Make the best with what you have, right? If your content isn’t high-end, who cares? At least you’re putting something out there and you’ll always have room to improve. Remember, I used a tacky cover for my book for 2 months before going to a verified professional. You can always improve your game.

And I hope there’s room available for ToomWind. From the image above (that is pending a change), you can see the name “ToomWind” is a play on two different words and two different concepts. The “Toom” part of the logo resembles a cassette tape. Tapes can reWIND. A podcast is basically listening to a digital version of a cassette. The “Wind” part is just that, wind. You can listen to and feel the wind. But you can’t see it, right? Same thing with a podcast. You can hear it, but can’t see it.

So, ToomWind (“wind” is prounounced with a long ‘i’)

The introductory catchphrase I have going right now is “Let’s Unwind with ToomWind!” I don’t think it’s particularly terrible. It could totally work.

Now, I mentioned the equipment I’m using is very barebones and minimalist. So how am I creating these episodes? How???? My friend, in this day and age it’s easier than it’s ever been. All you need is a little initiative to accomplish these things.

Anchor is a terrific app to use if you’re starting out in the podcast racket. Just record your voice(s) on the app (through your smartphone’s microphone, external microphone, whatever works) and the app will allow you to tweak these episodes with background music, edits, and even sponsorships. At the moment, I only have one sponsorship and that’s with Anchor itself. The app will have you record a message where you explain the benefits of using Anchor and the personal relevance it has on you. Basically, it functions as a commercial.

And the more views you get, the more moolah you earn. But don’t do it for the dough, do it because you enjoy making podcasts. Me, I love sharing my opinions about things and explaining them in detail. I have so many thoughts buzzing in my head day in and day out. The podcast is a useful channel for me to get my thoughts out.

Anyway, back to Anchor. Once you complete production of an episode, Anchor will distribute it across several platforms (including, but not limited to, Spotify and Google Podcasts). Basically, the app will do most of the heavy lifting for you. It’s fucking amazing.

Below is a link to my podcast page on Anchor where you can find all my episodes. Give them a listen and tell me what you think!

Do you have a podcast? If so, what’s your main theme? Let’s talk in the comments below!

ToomWind on Anchor

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