Alright listen up, because I’m feeling particularly gleeful right now. You may ask, why?

Today, I created and uploaded my first book trailer. And the best part is? I didn’t need any live footage. Materials for a Hollywood-level production? FORGET ABOUT IT! All you need is some initiative! 😀

Man, I hope this feeling of glee lasts, I really do. Last time I felt like this was when I completed my first book cover. There’s a legitimate adrenaline rush in artistic endeavors. That I can tell you.

So I’ll explain how I put this video together. Trust me, if I could do it, you can do it.

First, you need video software. YouTube, unfortunately, doesn’t function as a video editing site. You need to arrange and edit the video offsite and upload it to them when you’re done. I used VideoPad, which is pretty cheap. It’s perfect if you’re starting out (like Anchor is for podcasters). The current version of VideoPad I use is $5 a month. Truth be told, I don’t know the limitations inherent in this particular version. Not yet, anyway. Obviously, I’ll upgrade my plan if I deem it necessary.

Using the software is a learning curve, but it’s not rocket science. A lot of it is very straight forward, but requires some patience. I can tackle filming yourself for a vlog some other time. Now, our focus is shooting a book trailer that only uses photos and music.

Like I said, you don’t need stock footage for this. Footage clips are typically $80, last I checked. You can simply use pictures if you have budget constraints. I used for all the photos in the trailer. Pixabay does not require you to pay them to use their content. However I strongly, strongly urge you to credit them. It’s common and professional courtesy.

The awesome-sauce music, playing in tandem with my voiceover, is Ofelia’s Dream from It’s a dark, haunting melody that reminds me of Hildur Guðnadóttir’s score for Joker. Simply phenomenal. Like Pixabay, Bensound offers certain compositions for free and they kindly ask that you credit them. Again, common and professional courtesy.

I highly recommend these two websites. They make content creation so much easier.

The trailer is only a minute long, and has a few transitions done for dramatic effect (fade-in, zoom-in, shatter to a warplane photo, etc.) They’re really not hard to do. VideoPad makes everything very easy. If you find yourself stuck on anything, you can always go on YouTube and type in the video-editing technique that you need to learn. Hell, there’s an instructional YouTube video for everything, yes? These tutorials are entirely visual and easy to follow, so you won’t be too out of your element.

Like I said, you just need to be patient. All good things will come.

At the time of this writing, I have a lot to learn. And I mean, A LOT to learn about video editing. Don’t take this as the advice of an expert. An actual expert could do my video in a matter of minutes. This video took me the better part of the day to complete. The point of this blog is: if there’s a will, there’s a way. If you don’t know how to do something, learn it. =)

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