People in Biblical times didn’t have modern-day conveniences. Instead of GPS, they looked up to use the sky, both night and day. They studied the positions of stars to see what time of year it was. They gazed at them to know what direction to go if they were lost at sea.

Instead of relying on the local soup kitchen or food pantry, people had to actively scavenge, hunt, and make food for themselves.

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I believe it goes without saying that people back then were wiser, more resourceful, and far more grounded in reality than we are today.

The Information Age has ironically made us stupid and detached.

More Knowledge, Less Intelligence

Without technological distractions, the men and women of Biblical times could observe the world around them. They could document what lifestyles were beneficial and what weren’t. This is how the Torah, Bible, and Quran came to be.

The use of God, in these texts, is purely symbolic. We’ve come to discover that placing your faith in a supposed higher power elevates happiness.

But how can that be? It’s because you realize your worries are irrelevant on the grand scheme of things. Your present woes are only temporary. No need to worry, God’s got this.

An Ancient Self-Help Book…

The Bible is essentially an ancient self-help book (my biased opinion, obviously). It can function as an instruction manual for life (specifically the Book of Leviticus). Leviticus focuses on the self-destructive behaviors that we’re not allowed to do.

Having sex with a family member (incest) is one thing. Sleeping with animals (beastiality) is another. And drinking blood is a no-no.

Did you know that eating bats is also specifically forbidden in the Bible? Check Leviticus 11:19. Now, you have to wonder why that is. 🤔

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…And Ancient Nutritional Guide?

Why would the Bible specifically list ravens, owls, herons, gulls, and bats as animals you’re not allowed to consume? Or animals with paws (basically 4-legged carnivores)?

For starters, animals with paws are very difficult to hunt. They’re too mobile and/or dangerous. Farm-raised chickens and cows, on the other hand, are easy targets.They’re not the most agile, either.

A pair of tigers in a forest.
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From a practical standpoint, the Bible forbids consumption of most animals for that reason. They’re too dangerous.

Some animals have access to parts of the world that humans do not dare to tread. They consume unique lifeforms that we’re not familiar with.

I posit that the people of the Biblical age knew that eating animals of unknown origin was a bad idea. Lord knows what these animals were exposed to (pun intended).

Whatever they were exposed to, we in turn become exposed.

Scientific Backing of Scriptures

The irony is that, while modern-day atheists say the Bible is incompatible with science, it can easily back up a lot of what the Bible says.

Case in point: the consumption of bats.

An accepted theory about the ongoing Corona pandemic is that Patient Zero was a Chinese national who ate an infected bat.

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Why on Earth would we consume an animal that dwells in places we don’t travel to? They carry certain elements that our bodies are simply not accustomed to.

Namely, diseases. (HIV came from primates, supposedly)

Writers of the Bible weren’t Stupid

Hey, if we’re able to put 2 and 2 together in this day and age and apply common sense and reasoning, I assure you the average “cavemen” could, too.

While the people of antiquity didn’t have the benefit of scientific tools and methods, they were still able to see the bare essence of things.

They were able to see basic, funademental truths with their own eyes.

The Bible Today

The world has been straying from Biblical common sense for a while now. We’re straying from social mores that our ancestors correctly affirmed to be logical and sensible. It seems we’re paying the price for this recklessness.

The Corona pandemic is only the latest in a long line of examples of how ignoring Biblical doctrine has actual consequences.

We’re on a collision course, folks. In the end, truth will win.

And so, too, will the Biblical way of ages past.

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