For those that missed it or are not subscribed to my channel on YouTube, I released a video yesterday of Chapter 1 of Heather’s Mannequin. It’s essentially a video of photos with a voiceover provided by yours truly.

Heather’s Mannequin Chapter One Video.

To date, this project was the hardest one I’ve done. In 5 years I may look back and chuckle because I spent so much time on something so simple. As I mentioned in a previous blog, video editing is quite a learning curve. It’s not rocket science, but it’s still work. The more you interact with the software, the more sense it’ll make to you.

My first HM video (the plot description reading) was only a minute long with few photos and effects needed.

The more recent video was an entire chapter and was 6 minutes worth of content. No live footage was used saved for the introduction where I explained the video’s premise. I also mentioned the possibility of doing all 35 chapters of the book.

Well, let me tell you: It’s going to be fucking hard. There are chapters that will require photos that I simply cannot get on Pixabay. Chapter 4 has two characters discussing a fictional video game with a fictional character.

If I go ahead and do Chapter 4, I would need to commission an artist on Fiverr and have them give me something. It’s going to require an investment. I also may need to design my own photos for other characters.

Some may ask, “why don’t you use footage?

First, stock footage costs money. Second, it takes away from the reader’s imagination. Every novel should give the reader the space necessary to imagine their own experience. It’s part of the reason why most films can’t do the books any justice.

Doing all 35 chapters will be an insane undertaking. The first video was hard enough and Chapter 1 is actually one of the shortest chapters in the book. I hope I’m putting this into perspective here. Again, I don’t know if I’ll do it but it’s not out of the question.

But success requires a willingness to do what no one else wants to do, right?


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