Ned Lamont, the Governor of my state (CT), revealed today that he is considering signing an Executive Order to mandate face masks in public to halt the spread of COVID-19. Obviously, this is igniting a debate between both aisles. People can tout their constitutional knowledge all they want, but guess what? The Supreme Court doesn’t care enough to hear your case at this time. If your Governor’s pen signs his name on a piece of paper, then you’re screwed until this crisis is over.

Now, if you’re curious about my position, it’s this: I don’t have one.

I’m the cool fish that just floats by, not giving a damn about what’s swirling around him.

I believe that if face masks become required, we should make the best of it. These are face masks, for fuck’s sake. I’m curious to see what the cosplayers will make of this. Off the top of my head, I can think of one anime character that wears a face mask: that dark-haired chick in Yu-Yu-Hakusko that made things blow the fuck up just by touching them.

Excuse me while I Google her name, it’s been years since I watched the show, so…

…Karasu. And it’s not a chick, it’s a guy. Holy (literal) balls. The Japanese are really into that androgynous stuff, it’s crazy. So Karasu is also the Japanese word for crow, the bird that symbolizes death and decay. It’s very fitting, considering this character literally kills everything he touches. During the very last episode that I watched of Yu-Yu, a fight between Kurama (another androgynous character with an affinity for roses), and Karasu was building up.

There was total radio silence the next day, as the show was moved to a different time slot on a different day. Thing is, I had no idea what happened back then and assumed the show was cancelled. Yeah, I was bummed out like you wouldn’t believe. Kurama vs. Karasu. I never watched the full fight, but I bet it was bad-ass. ESPECIALLY if Yoko Kurama came out to give Karasu an ass-whipping.

So anyway, I’m going to attach an image of Karasu to this post (with his mask on, of course).

What about you guys? If you had to cosplay as one character during the mandatory face mask period, who would it be? And hell to the no am I going out dressed as Karasu. Cosplay just isn’t my thing. It’s one suit I won’t wear, no pun intended. Doesn’t mean I hate it, though. Did you know that if you cosplay out in public in Japan, no one will look at you twice? Seriously, no one is going to care if you want to express yourself that way. Pretty soon, it’s going to be good a time as any in the good ole US of A. 🤷‍♂️

Watch Kurama vs. Kurasu fight on YouTube

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