Listen up, everyone. There’s something I need to get off my chest. It’s like a swelling pressure that needs to be relieved. I feel like a bladder that’s ready to gush out a waterfall. Boy!

But seriously, listen up. I have an idea that maaaaay make my YouTube channel gain more traction. It doesn’t involve mentioning it constantly on my blog and hoping people will tap the red “Sub” button on my channel. No! Who on Earth would do that? A needy narcissist, that’s who!

No, this particular idea involves my using the power of storytelling. I already published a book back in January 2020, and am working on the sequel. I already have storytelling experience under my belt. Nothing releases dopamine like a good story to tell. Nothing! Nada!

Storytelling carries more power than you think. It’s storytelling that sells boxing matches. Why do they always host these pressers where the two fighters are going at each other’s throats? It’s to build up the illusion that they have something against each other. It’s to spread the notion that the fight isn’t business, it’s personal. Personal feud…that’s what makes a good story.

It’s storytelling that sells products and services. “Bob went to the motel that night, to appease his wife and her boyfriend. This made Bob realize that life is too short for marital decency, so he got into Ashley Madison (unsponsored) and opened up an account that night. Now Bob is happy and his vengenace is satisfied.”

It’s all in the story. Every story has a character that you can relate to. Every story grants you a portal out of your dreary existence. Every story is an experience apart from your own. That’s why novels sell so well. That’s why we have bookstores. Stories carry power and emotional relevance.

Good lord, am I overstating this. Back to the topic at hand, my YouTube channel…ahem.

I have an idea for a “character” that I can play on my channel. I have some ideas for “episodes” I can create. These are stories and people may/may not fall for them. If any of you are familiar with Markiplier, he does this often. His most popular character is probably Wilford Warfstache (dude with the pink ‘stache). Aside from playing video games, Markiplier has generated a lot of success with his characters.

I know there’s the potential for some success, but the only thing that’s holding me back is…myself. I’ve always held true to the principle that you should just be yourself. If something doesn’t feel right to you, then you shouldn’t do it. But then again, if you stay in your comfort zone isn’t that dooming yourself to failure? You’d be doing yourself a great disservice. You also won’t realize your creative potential if your keep your ideas locked in. Le sigh…

I don’t know if I’m afraid of people’s judgements or I truly feel this wouldn’t be a good idea. Becoming a YouTube sensation has never been on my list of aspirations.

People go on YouTube to follow your story, no? Or at least follow a story, even if it’s fictional.

Look, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. You’ll know if I choose to pursue this idea or not.

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