My novel, Heather’s Mannequin, is now available for download on two additional e-book apps, Kobo and Nook. You may know Nook as the ebook released by Barnes and Noble. For those who aren’t familiar (especially non-Americans), Kobo is an e-book service that works a lot like Kindle (and Nook).

The key difference, if you’re a writer, is that Kobo and Nook don’t demand exclusivity on their platforms for their additional perks. The Kobo Plus program is very similar to Amazon’s Kindle Select in that your book becomes available for free download to monthly subscribers (this free ebook program is called “Kindle Unlimited”).

For every page of your book that a Kindle Unlimited reader flips through, you get paid an average of one penny. Basically, if a reader reads my entire 200-page book, I get paid around $2. At the moment, it isn’t known what Kindle or Kobo will pay for every page read, as the rate fluctuates constantly.

My only issue with this so-called “perk” is that Kindle Unlimited readers (and Kobo Plus readers, I suppose) rarely finish a novel if selected from a vast library of free ebooks. Every so often, on my Sales Dashboard, I see 5 or 10 pages of my book that are recorded as already “read”, but the reader almost never finishes it. Thus, I never get a review or feedback.

How can you expect them to finish it if there literally thousands of other titles that can catch their eye? Isn’t it reasonable to say that readers will only finish a book if they buy it? If you want to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, you’d have to read it until the end, right?

For this reason, I think self-published writers should avoid presuming that they “need” to be exlusive with Amazon so as to enroll in Kindle Select. This is fallacious reasoning. Kindle Select isn’t worth it.

Since my ebook is no longer exclusive on Amazon Kindle, it cannot be read for free via Kindle Unlimited anymore. Honestly, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. My book is currently priced at $0.99 for download on all 3 platforms. That’s a damn good deal on its own, believe me.

As an author, it doesn’t make sense to render your book exlusive on any one platform (even if it’s Amazon). It’s important to understand that not everyone on Earth uses Kindle as their e-reader. You should strive to make your content available to as many people as you can. From a business standpoint, it’s just common sense.

I will look into reaching into other platforms in the future, but for now if you’re a Kobo or Nook user, enjoy a well-priced copy of my dystopian thriller, Heather’s Mannequin! =)

Buy Heather’s Mannequin on Kobo!

Or buy it on Nook!

…Or Kindle, whatever works. >_>

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