That was wordy as hell.

For those who don’t follow me on the socials, I have announced a photographic book tour. There’s probably another word or phrase for this that I’m not thinking of. Until I figure that part out, it’s:


(Please don’t misread that as PORNographic. I have a reputation to maintain. I’m a legitimate content creator, man. LEGITIMATE.)

So here’s what my aim is: In order to give my book a more nationwide presence, I will take a picture of Heather’s Mannequin in as many cities as possible. I will find a spot where the skyline is and hold my book up while simultaneously holding my iPhone to snap a photo.

(Trust me, it’s harder than it sounds.)

I will then add the photo to my Instagram.

And if said city has no skyline, I’ll find a famous landmark instead. So far, I’ve done Hartford, Connecticut and Pensacola, Florida.

I’m still trying to decide on a hashtag. Right now, I’m leaning towards “#photobooktour”. If you have something that sounds catchier, feel free to comment. 🙂

The next cities on my list will probably be New Orleans, Tallahassee, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Mobile, Alabama (just to name a few). Living in the Florida Panhandle gives me the benefit of being near so many recognizable places. I’d better put this relocation to good use, yeah?


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