I have a rotten habit, folks.

I wait around too long, thinking things will just happen by themselves.

Today’s the day my bill is due? Nah, I’ll just wait till they call me begging for change.

Interested in a pretty girl? Nah, I’ll just wait till some other dude snags her.

I could do a cool vlog about a Confederate monument in my city? Nah, let’s just wait till the FRIGGIN’ CITY COUNCIL TAKES IT DOWN!!!

In Downtown Pensacola, there’s a monument in Lee Square dedicated to the South’s “Lost Cause” during the American Civil War. It was erected back in 1890 and no one has had an issue with it until the Corona-era racial protests.

The Confederate Monument in Downtown Pensacola, Florida.
The Monument in Lee Square in Pensacola, FL. (It’s a lot smaller than it looks)

Personally, I don’t know where I stand on this, being a born-and-raised Northerner and all. I can still appreciate the arguments put forth by both sides.

Liberals posit that this country is better than idolizing men in the past that were racists. They believe that if you’re a racist, you do not deserve to be memorialized. I can dig that.

Conservatives posit that an appreciation for your country requires putting its dark, morbid past on full display. Doing so shows how much we’ve progressed as a nation.

Both arguments are purely sentimental, which is why I don’t have an allegiance to either side.

Now, I should clarify what I said above: At the time of this writing, the City Council has NOT taken the monument down. They’ve approved a first-round measure to remove it, and they’ll have to do a second vote 30 days later as per city policy (the date is July 14). The point of this provision is to ensure that these votes are not being done on emotion or impulse.

Recently, some vandals sprayed red paint on the monument for the purpose of desecrating it. As a result, the Square is closed to the public. This past weekend, there was reportedly a civil dialogue between both sides of the issue at the Square.

The vandalized Confederate Monument in Pensacola, Florida. There is red spray paint upon it.

Again, both sides expressed the viewpoints described above.

My regret is I wasn’t there to document or listen to any of it. In fact, I haven’t been to the Square since the vandalism happened. Before I know it, the Council will approve the second-round and POOF, the monument’s going to disappear.

I’m honestly disappointed in myself. I’ve had countless situations in the past where I put off doing something and regretted it when it was too late.

Will yours truly, Corey Toomey, stop procrastinating and film that vlog he desperately wants to do???? Will Corey preserve history in the video format?????


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Corey Toomey, giving you a thumbs up!

2 thoughts on “Vlog for the Confederate Monument in Pensacola

  1. Corey, it’s very interesting, this notion of removing monuments and statues which don’t suit us any more; it needs an awful lot of thought and discussion. We are having the same arguments here in Ireland. I haven’t decided yet what I really think about it. I hear both arguments.

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    1. Maybe privatization is an acceptable compromise? I forgot to add that to this blog.

      In the case of Pensacola, someone is offering to purchase the monument and place it on private property. If vandals want to ruin it, the consequences would be much harsher (people are pretty sensitive about their property down here, haha).


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