At the time of this writing, I have 160 followers on WordPress, 3,450 on Twitter, 581 on Instagram, and 80 on Facebook. I also have 51 Subscribers on YouTube and published one book (with a second on the way). The only metric I have of measuring the success of my podcast is number of plays. As of right now, my episodes average about 2-3 plays each.

The sky’s the limit.

I want you to think of this entry as a time capsule. I want to dig this soon-to-be priceless artifact up in 5 years and say “Whoa!” I want this to be a reminder that I started somewhere and I’m getting somewhere, too. My intention is to use this entry as a measuring stick for how far I’ve gotten.

As of right now, it feels like I’m laying down the bricks for something. Hell, I don’t think the foundation is even done yet. You know the old adage: “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” While that may be true, and I can totally get the gist of it, I don’t want to come across as conceited.

I mean, what am I? Romulus? Remus? The wolf that friggin’ raised those two feral kids? Those two weren’t even around when the height of the Empire came about. Let alone its downfall. Like, am I really going to build the digital equivalent of Rome when I’m done with all of this? No, no, hell to the no.

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Romulus, Remus, and the wolf were only there at the beginning of Rome. I don’t want to be the twins or the wolf in this particular legend. No, my aim is to be the Jupiter (or Jove, if you’re a pedantic academic) of the Roman empire. I aim to be the beginning, middle, and end of whatever it is I’m building.

Wow, didn’t I say that I didn’t want to be conceited BEFORE comparing myself to the Almighty King of Roman Gods? Congratulations, Corey, you just played yourself.

But hey, if I end up building a house of content creation, that’s fine with me. It could be a one-floor dwelling with a creaky floor. It could be a mobile home with a roach problem and I’d be happy all the same. My one goal is to get this content creation thing to the very end, however that’ll look.

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How many more people will read my stuff? How many more will listen to my podcast and watch my videos? HOW MANY MORE???????

For now, I just want to enjoy the ride. I want to bask in the backbreaking labor of laying the proverbial bricks to my creation. There’s a legitimate dopamine rush I get while working on these things. It feels great to sit at home, sip on some coffee out of this FSU Seminoles mug, and just work.

It’s the excitement of contributing to something greater that I seem to like. It’s the the thought that I’m constantly improving something by putting work in. I’m not going to wax poetic here (“ohhh, with every stroke of a pennnnn….with every tap of a keyboarrrrrrrd!!!! Every word uttered into that delicious podcast miiiiiic!!!!!!”).

Nah. This is just a time capsule, man. Time to put our possessions into this box and bury this for the next generation to excavate!

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Thank you all for following my platforms and I hope you’ll be here when I unearth this baby in a few years. Ciao!

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