Looking for you, through this telescope
Holding on, to this tenuous hope

I see you running
Towards me, or away?
Running towards me…or far away?

Let’s reach out, see if we’re okay…
Is that your hand, or that of a ghost?
Take my strings, the puppet that shunned its host!

In all the blue that the sky can hold
I see your face up there, eyes so cold…

Looking for me…
…Looking at me?
Through a magnifying glass…

Elusive you are,
Elusive you’ve been, as a bird airborne…
Inert I am,
Inert I remain, as an oak, its roots never torn.

Up there.
With the glass…

Searching frantically for me, so you can see?
Or standing there firm to watch me burn?

To watch me burn?

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