Onwards we go
To where the horizon ends
So fertile is this land
Let’s expropriate
Then cultivate
And defend

Our obligation so divine…

Be wary of Evil’s smog!
We’ll purify this bog
Let’s gallop on, the cavalry
Purge this evil from the land!
For our reign to expand!

An empire without a line…

The natives
Don’t they know
Or understand?
They resist to no avail
Who will live
To tell their tale?

See your stars, see how they align…

Your saviors are here
Fight, and death will near
We’ll march forth and on
To where the horizon ends!

A land of maids and wine!
A land of-

Where is all the land?
The sun of dusk, it’s there
Far from where we stand
On the edge of this impassable sea…
Far from where the horizon ends

Let’s turn around, for us to see
The wasteland of our design
A land of ruin, and blackened timbers
Air of rot, smoke, and embers…
To where shall we go from here?
Where shall we go from here?


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