Fetus by Corey Toomey

Amniotic fluid, my only water
Mother’s embrace, my bath water
Maternal warmth, my ocean water

20 years since the first day
20 years since the awakening day
Time has rolled on and away

Paper-thin armor can’t keep me in
My guard is down without a guardian
Corrupted child, expose thee of sin!

Grown fetus, a sputtering fire
Static bubble, a protective fire
Swirling darkness, a combustive fire!

Blistered feet to tattered shoes
Supple skin to a deep black bruise
Lifeless songs to the sweet, sweet blues

50 years, how the time has gone…
Can’t be a shriveled infant, when I’m gone…
Spit in my face, polish my steel, and test my brawn

Eyes up and ahead, at the cerulean air!
Shoulders back, massaged by the guiding air!
Smiling mouth, drink in this cold, clean air!

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