I’m telling you, the urge to become an undignified political banshee is getting harder to resist by the hour. Now, I typically stay mum on politics, unless the situation beckons an alternate viewpoint (e.g. the George Floyd riots).

The Inauguration is over and I have some alternate thoughts: If we elected a sharp, healthy 40-something Democrat, I’d be cool as a Klondike, man.

But the bloated urban centers, they united to elect an establishment politician…because he isn’t Donald Trump!

Democracy vs. the Republic

It is not an ideal state of affairs when cities are, in a manner of speaking, towering over the rural electorate of farmers, truckers, manufacturers, and blue-collar workers. These voters are the oil in the engine of this country. They are the diesel in the motor of this economy.

It inspires a certain amount of umbrage when these urban centers have distributions of leftist literature passing off as fact. Of fact-checkers passing off as authority. I refer to, of course, not samizdat-style literature passing through dark corners.

Conservatives vs. Mainstream Media

No, I refer to the “legitimate” publications sold on street corners in broad daylight. Granted, these newspapers are businesses trying to maintain their bottom line. Trying to hold onto their readerships in the economically-fertile big cities. They’re trying to maintain a foothold in the highly-saturated news industry.

But it doesn’t help the Republic’s cause when the voices of our movement have been openly antagonistic. It doesn’t help when we allowed the Alt-Right to impinge upon our rhetoric.

Conservatives vs. the Alt-Right

Voices like Trump, Milo, Gavin McInness, and Alex Jones have been taken off of social media platforms for pushing the envelope and espousing violence and harassment.

Sure, the nature of these platforms may be set against conservatives. After all, liberals are much more likely to profess offense than we are. Sure, we have to toe the line and stay within the confines of acceptable discourse. But so what? Are we not capable of that, by default?

We are conservatives. We preach the politics of grown ups. We are better and more mature than liberals, by default.

Present vs Past

Decades ago, we had men like Barry Goldwater who wrote the conservative manifesto in 1960. He lost to Lyndon in the general but his influence led to the rise of Reagan in the 1980s. The Democrats called Goldwater an “extremist”, but he was anything but.

Barry Goldwater (left) and Ronald Reagan (right) BETTMANN ARCHIVE/GETTY IMAGES

In the later years of his life, Goldwater openly sparred with the Religious Right. In the 8th decade of his life, Goldwater told off homophobic televangelists like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

Now, what would Goldwater say in the age of the Alt-Right?

He would tell them off.

He would tell them off because he came from an era where decency existed in the Republican Party. An era where conservatism tried to invite the other side instead of alienating them.

This was back when the GOP knew they needed AT LEAST 51% of the vote to win, instead of settling with 50% AT MOST.

…We got a shit ton to do, folks. God bless you all. 🦅

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