Stampeding forth, a mass congregation
Execution brought forth, to heal this nation
So high are those gallows, so holy the altar
So short is that rope, no hangman may falter
Enlightened this crowd, so expectant their faces
Drinking in this death, and saying their graces!

Let drop and sway that ascended man!

Shimmering silver, as high as the Sun
Drop the blade, and thy sentence be done!
Love for blood, and a kick for theatrics
Such is the majesty of this guillotine
The condemned first must rot for him to be seen!

Let fall the blade and rise that ascended man!

A wailing mother, and a gathering of sentries
A loving father, his deeds going past the centuries
Upon a crucifix, atop this hill
To the wood they’ve nailed his iron will
A crown of thorns, tight as a wire
Crucify thee, and save this Empire!

Let bleed and immortalize this ascended man!

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