Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy by Andy Ngo is a brilliant, courageous exposé of the domestic terrorist network calling itself “Antifa.”

What is Antifa?

The name Antifa is short for “anti-fascism.” The movement is closely aligned with the anarchist philosophy. In a general sense, anarchists advocate for a society without a government or hierarchies.

Anarchists also believe that oppression, e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia, is only possible with the presence of authority and power. After all, it is leaders with power who enact oppressive legislation, no?

But isn’t that hatred, of what is different, innate in all of us anyway? We were the ones who elected these racist, bigoted leaders to begin with.

Goal of Anarchism

Antifa’s ultimate goal is to abolish the government without replacing it with any authority. Doing so would simply restart the destructive path back to tyranny … so they say.

They also want to normalize “mutual aid” where people do their part and get what they need.

group of people sitting on white mat on grass field
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From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” so said the Great Karl Marx (who was sadly off the mark).

Of course, one of the many problems with all this is people, generally speaking, can’t be trusted to behave. Further, in the absence of a government, other hierarchies will simply emerge because most people are natural followers. And others are natural leaders. These are dynamics that exist across species.

But enough of that. I’ve already picked apart this naive philosophy on another post.

Act of Bravery

The reason I bring you all here today is to tell you that Mr. Ngo’s book is an act of bravery, here’s why.

Antifa claims that their philosophy isn’t a fixed ideology with strict rules. Ideologies are principles written by the dead. They’re the dead ruling the living. We need fresh, new living ideas to guide the living.

Idealistic, quaint, but idealistic.

It’s “just as idea” as President Biden has said.

But Antifa functions as an ideology, whether they want to admit it or not.

It functions in the same sense that al-Qaeda jihadists believed in the use of violence and bloodshed to prop up a global caliphate. Biden’s dismissal of Antifa is as naive as saying Osama bin Laden posed no threat to world peace in the 1990s.

Antifa believes that violence is necessary to bring down the current system.

It also believes in violence to silence opponents. Mr. Ngo knows this all too well, and so do I.

First, let me inform you guys of my own experience with Antifa.

My Antifa Experience

It was back in 2012-2013 during my 2nd and 3rd year in college. I was exposed to the radical politics of anarchist theory through a friend.

Now, this friend (we’ll call him Zack) came across as supremely intelligent to everyone he met. He had a rich vocabulary and could articulate well-informed ideas and opinions, seemingly without effort. I first met Zack in high school when both of our schools were in a national academic bowl tournament.

battle black blur board game
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As a player, Zack was top-tier. He could answer Jeopardy-style questions with a lightning-fast intellect. Zack exuded intelligence. Looking back, I wanted to be exactly like him.


So Zack introduced me to anarchist theory 2 years later. Because of how I remembered him in high school, I believed he was intelligent enough for his word to be tantamount to the Gospel. Zack was essentially my Golden Calf and I worshipped him.

Abolish private property. Institute worker collectives. Smash the State. Abolish capitalism. Etc.


For the next year or so, I became fully immersed in the anarchist schools of thought: mutualism, communism, syndicalism, etc. I also frequented message boards on Facebook and Twitter to argue against and for political ideas.

Every time I got the last word on somebody, I’d feel a momentary sense of satisfaction. Of course, that satisfaction didn’t last.

Photo by Rene Asmussen on Pexels.com

On Facebook I posted, to my friends’ annoyance, treatises describing anarchism as ideal. I also denounced capitalism as an evil system of unfair distribution. That was me changing the world, one Facebook post at a time. This, and arguing with strangers, was how I spent my days for over a year.


That year was the most isolated I’ve ever been in my life. I was terribly withdrawn. I shut myself in my dorm room and never went out. Not even to go to class.

See, anarchism has its way of making its adherents believe they’re valorous rebels in a conflict against an evil empire. It almost feels like you’re in a Final Fantasy game. Or even a Star Wars movie.

Anarchism snips your attachment to reality, to be more precise.

Thankfully, I sobered up. Mr. Ngo had a sobering experience with Antifa himself, as well.

Ngo’s Antifa Experience

On June 29, 2019, Andy Ngo was at an event in Portland, Oregon, organized by the Proud Boys. The right-wing organization, founded by Gavin McInnes, has been de-platformed for allegedly engaging in political violence.

While people are free to make their arguments about what happened to the Proud Boys, it’s still striking how Antifa hasn’t gotten the same treatment on social media. These far-left rioters are quite up-front about their endorsement of violence and looting.

Anyway, the Proud Boys event was disrupted by counter-protestors (Antifa) who came with bats, crowbars, and other melee weapons. Ngo was assaulted, mugged, and sent to the hospital with a brain injury.

For a while, and this is still true, Ngo was deemed a villain in anarchist circles, especially in Portland, his hometown.

Ngo has not only been assaulted, but he’s been doxed, libeled, and slandered by Antifa apologists in mainstream media.

Antifa = Antifascist?

It is ironic how Antifa claims to be antifascist, yet its adherents behave like fascists. It’s been documented the Nazis and Italian fascists won elections through looting and street brawls.

It is ironic that Antifa claims to be anti-corporatist, yet enjoys the backing of the mass media and Corporate America. They even have the entire Democratic Party at their beck and call, simply because the latter doesn’t want to lose any left-leaning voters.

Benito Mussolini, the founder of Fascism, once said that fascism “is a combination of both state and corporate power“.

And Antifa fervently claims they’re anti-fascist? If only they knew …

The Ngos and Tyranny

I believe Mr. Ngo has done America a great patriotic service with his tireless coverage of a rising terrorist organization, sometimes risking both life and limb.

Violence and politics aren’t too distant in his bloodline, you see. Andy’s parents emigrated to the United States from South Vietnam, to escape the ashes of Saigon in 1975.

I suppose it’s only fitting how humans, who have first-hand experience with tyranny, embrace the freedoms granted by constitutional republicanism.

And it’s sadly fitting how people with NO experience with tyranny are seeking to push this country towards it.

But! Anarchism is the OPPOSITE of tyranny!”

Semantics. You *cannot* have mass equality without State intervention. You *cannot* have a democratic multiparty system if half the electorate is threatened with violence to stay silent.

Glorification of Violence

I know from personal experience that Antifa openly celebrates the use of violence. From my time on Antifa pages on social media, they make no bones about breaking bones. They lose no sleep over putting reactionaries in a coma.

Anarchists condition themselves, and others, that conservatives (“reactionaries”) are not people. They believe reactionaries are shapes and shadows that won’t feel you smashing their face in with a crowbar. Is this sociopathic? You bet it is.

male agitator in anonymous mask with blossoming flower
Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

This stuff is not a joke, folks. Anarchism warps minds and creates confused, aggressive, and self-righteous criminals.

This is what happened to Charlie Landeros when he brought a gun to his daughter’s middle school. And it almost happened to yours truly.

Life is a basket of ironies sometimes. 10 years ago, Antifa rising to prominence was the first and only thing I wanted.

Now, it’s the very last thing I want. Anarchism is a philosophy with no basis in reality. As far as I’m concerned, deifying violence is grounds for immediate rejection.

Where Unmasked Will Stand in History

I believe that books written during eras of dangerous opposition to the author, end up standing the test of time.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe, documented the dehumanizing effects of slavery. Lincoln himself told Stowe that her story alone precipitated the American Civil War.

If you think this isn’t one of history’s dangerous times, don’t forget Neville Chamberlain’s naivete during Hitler’s rise to power. There’s always a period where we can nip evil in the bud.

Now is one of those times.

Unmasked is perhaps the first dose of the antidote that America needs to avert the Antifa menace. We need to address Antifa’s rhetoric and respond to their violence accordingly (i.e. incarceration without wishy-washy politicians and police officers).

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