Unplanned, the story of anti-abortion crusader Abby Johnson, is a film with intrinsic value despite its shortcomings. With its overt conservative message, Unplanned is a product of an industry I like to call “Alternative Hollywood.”

Promotional poster for the film, Unplanned. Abby, the main character is looking at something that is making her cry. The text "What She Saw Changed Everything" is shown in white. At the bottom is written "Unplanned" in blue font.
Unplanned. 2019. Pure Flix.

Now, I hope to GOD I’m the first person to have ever used that phrase, “Alternative Hollywood.” God, it sounds so cool and revolutionary.

I could make some serious coin off of those who dare use it. TO THE PATENT OFFICE! Hehehehehehehehehehe …

Nah, you guys can use it! Just don’t use it in reference to PornHub. Please.

Alternative Hollywood

Anyway, “Alternative Hollywood” is an offshoot of Kellyann Conway’s maligned (though valid) “alternative facts” comment.

Because let’s face it: Everything remotely conservative nowadays is deemed alternative.

Alternative Rock

When I was growing up, “alternative” rock bands (e.g. Creed and Nickelback) initially deviated from the rock formula by instituting mellow verses and screaming choruses.

Photo by Thibault Trillet on Pexels.com

The new alternative formula later became the standard since it combined both rock and pop elements that attracted radio play. Suddenly, the so-called “alternative” rock approach became mainstream.

The underdog has its way of becoming the big dog. Eventually.

Alternative Politics

Liberal positions nowadays are assumed correct, by default, thanks to backing by the mass media, corporate America, and the public education system. And Wikipedia, but they don’t count.

See, conservatism is the modern-day social and political underdog after decades of ruling the roost over diminutive progressives.

climate sign outside blur
Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

The shoe’s now on the other foot, as they say.

We had the Church some time ago to keep people in check. We had the Soviet Union to scare away all the wannabe commies.

May the Father and Mother Russia both rest in peace.

As a right-winger, this sucks massive bowling balls. But then again, it makes the struggle alllll the more captivating!

Alternative vs. Mainstream

There’s a dragon flying in from the horizon, ye knaves! A dragon! With purple hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and tribal piercings!

Go forth, fellow conservative! Plunge thy steel into the leftist’s reptilian flesh! Off with this moonbat dragon’s head!

hungarian horntail dragon at universal studios
Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

(And clip off its left wing for good measure) 😏

One of our weapons against the Leftist Dragon is, of course, Alternative Hollywood. We don’t have the budget to distribute right-leaning films on a large scale, like Hollywood, but we do have the means.

The Daily Wire, led by Ben Shapiro, has released Run Hide Fight, a thriller with a pro-gun message. At the time of this writing, the platform plans to produce a film starring Gina Carano, who was ousted from The Mandalorian for anti-Leftist tweets.

Abortion and Film

There’s a wealth of cinematic value in gun rights messages, but abortion is a topic rarely discussed due to its decidedly “behind-closed-doors” nature. Even the most infamous abortion scene in history, in The Godfather Part II, wasn’t explicitly shown. Kay Corleone simply told her mafioso husband about her decision purely out of contempt and spite.

Photo by Luriko Yamaguchi on Pexels.com

Abortion seems like a fight that conservatives have already lost when Roe v. Wade happened. If the Supreme Court has made a ruling on this, what’s the point in continuing said fight?

While conservatives can’t lobby to make abortion outright illegal, they can still organize rallies and actively discourage women from getting one. They can also advocate for reforms at the local and state level to make abortion more difficult (such as showing the mother her baby’s ultrasound before the procedure).

But thanks to Abby Johnson’s memoir, Alternative Hollywood was able to provide an insider’s look at the abortion industry for all us casuals.

Unplanned: The Film

In Unplanned, Abby starts working at her local Planned Parenthood. From her first day on the job, she has to navigate through protests by 40 Days for Life, an anti-abortion organization. Their key aim is to lure expecting mothers away from the clinic and keep their babies.

A scene in Unplanned. Abby is escorting a pregnant woman to the clinic. Pro-life protestors are in the background.
Unplanned. Pure Flix. 2019.

Battlefield: Planned Parenthood

Don’t pay any attention to them,” her co-workers say. They’re just weird, Bible-thumping, misogynist cultists.

One of the pro-life protesters was seen wearing a Grim Reaper costume, and another was holding a sign with a butchered fetus.

Worse yet, one of them shouted, explicitly, that an expecting teen should’ve kept her legs closed.

Yeah, it may be a war but not all civilians are civil.

Since the clinic can’t involve the police, as the protesters are not ON Planned Parenthood property, the employees resort to turning on the waterworks. Literally.

The only good anti-abortion protester is a doused one! Now that’s what I call washing sin away!

(Don’t worry, I had a character arc just like Abby did. I came to realize that pro-lifers are not bad people. Far from it, really.)

A scene in Unplanned. A candlelight vigil is held for all of the babies that died to abortion.
Marilisa and Shawn Carney (center) in Unplanned. Pure Flix. 2019.

The film does what it can to shine a light on the entire spectrum of the abortion debate. Sure, there are bad actors on the opposition. But there are good souls, as well. You just have to look for them.

Use of Duality

40 Days for Life is depicted through founder Shawn Carley and his beautiful wife, Marilisa. They’re shown to be friendly, down-to-earth people.

And the film’s pro-choice villain, Cheryl, is characterized as a selfish, power-obsessed ice queen. And all her PP minions are soulless robots who almost had a teenager killed.

A scene in Unplanned. Cheryl, Abby's boss, reprimands Abby after a meeting.
Cheryl (right) in Unplanned. Pure Flix. 2019.

Are these caricatures? You bet they are.

Sometimes, you have to exaggerate in art to drive the point home. The point the film is making is: abortion is bad. If you think there’s a better way to make that point in a 100-minute movie, feel free to say it.

Life and Death

Abby, the erstwhile pro-choice soldier, had a paradigm shift upon witnessing the ultrasound of a 13 week-old fetus struggle for its life while sucked out of the uterus.

A scene in Unplanned. Abby is in the clinic during an abortion procedure. She gazes upon the ultrasound in shock and horror.
Abby Johnson in Unplanned. Pure Flix. 2019.

While it’s been debunked that 13-week fetuses can sense pain and danger, it’s a moot point. Symbolically and in essence, it is a life fighting to stay alive. This isn’t real life depicted here, it’s a film. Films have messages.

The message is: abortion is not just a termination of a pregnancy. It’s the termination of a life.

Abortion and Womanhood

Women who abort effectively change the trajectory of their lives.

The decades-long process of watching a baby grow in size and develop in personality is quickly and quietly snuffed out. The years go by and the woman wonders. She wonders what might have been had she kept it.

Like a lot of people, I didn’t see the point of outlawing abortion. Before watching Unplanned, I didn’t understand the pro-life obsession over saving fetal tissue.

But like a lot of leftist positions, the pro-choice argument is coldly, and blindly, scientific. It’s scientific to a fault. It does not take into account the necessity of apocryphal teachings of the world’s religions.

Abortion and Our Values

What conservatives say about faith, marriage, and gender roles may be symbolic stuff from cloud cuckoo land, but guess what? Our civilization was created and based on these symbols in the first place.

And – wait for it – Our civilization prospered for thousands of years while abiding by these symbolic teachings.

Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

What has obsessive science done but degrade the symbols that have brought about social capital and cohesion?

Symbolically, what are females? Traditionally, what are they?

They are creators, carriers, and bringers of life. Every life started in a womb.

A Woman’s Role

Women are caretakers.

They experience their greatest pleasure when they’re around their own kids. This has been the way since the dawn of civilization. The writers of antiquity, the authors of the Bible, were able to witness what led to a woman’s ultimate happiness.

It was being a mother.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Since the social revolutions of the 20th century, women have gradually shifted away from the home and into the office. Away from the PTO meetings and into the board of shareholders.

With the arrival of contraceptives, and to a lesser extent, abortion, women no longer need to be protected and watched over in a secluded 18th-century family cabin.

Erosion of Motherhood

Our society has seen a stunning rise in single motherhood where mothers are becoming less emotionally available for their children. Studies have indicated that children growing up with absent parents tend to suffer from social and development problems.

Was the arrival of contraceptives beneficial for our society? Well, I’ll leave that up to the reader to decide.

Unplanned: Cinematic Success?

Unplanned was not a perfect film by any means. The dialogue felt too stiff. Too “stock”, I guess is the word I’m looking for. It felt like a college class assignment where a group of students had to follow specific criteria to get an “A.”

It felt too much like a Hallmark movie with the debonair husband going all, “Baby … is it any wonder why I LOVE you???”

“Baby” isn’t a term of endearment where I come from. And Abby’s weeping in a fit of regret for all the abortions she provided, was excruciating to watch. I don’t mean that in a positive way, sorry.

For all of the film’s shortcomings, it still achieved its purpose in showcasing the Right’s position on the abortion issue. Granted, you may need to be of a certain age and maturity to fully grasp it. So, this movie isn’t for everyone.

Abortion and Motherhood

I mentioned earlier that I went through something of an arc while watching this like Abby did when watching the ultrasound. I also mentioned the film’s pro-choice villain was decidedly cold with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. And that women enjoy optimal happiness when having and raising children.

There’s one thing I didn’t bring up, though.

One scene shows an expectant mother, with her daughter, showing up at the clinic. She’s ready to terminate her pregnancy. The woman’s mother is behind the clinic’s gate, begging her daughter not to go through with the procedure. Her granddaughter greets her grandma from behind the barrier, to get her love and affection.

Scene from the movie Unplanned. An African-America woman is behind a gate, begging her daughter to not abort her pregnancy.
The Grieving Grandmother. Unplanned. Pure Flix. 2019.

But the expecting mother … the little girl’s mother … didn’t say a word or so much as look at her own mother or daughter. She simply walked on into the clinic, aloof and standoffish, like it was nobody’s business.

And that, my friends, is the true evil of abortion. It creates a callous disregard, not only for the unborn, but the already-born. The living.

Abortion and Children

Abortion dulls a woman’s motherly instincts. It desensitizes her heart to the detriment of her children.

Abortion not only kills the fetus. It kills the woman’s divine spirit. It kills womanhood and motherhood.

Imagine how Jesus Christ would have been if not for the unconditional love of the Virgin Mary, his mother.

mother mary and christ figurine on black background
Photo by UskaleGo on Pexels.com

Imagine a Jesus Christ, distant and aloof as he wandered Judaea. How would such a Jesus gather and influence his 12 Disciples? How would a Jesus, with such a troubled childhood and an absent mother, give love if he did not consciously understand love?

Abortion doesn’t just kill fetuses. It kills love.

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