Hi, I’m Corey!

Welcome to my site, ToomStone!

A little background: I was born and raised in Connecticut. I was born with a hearing loss and started learning American Sign Language at age 15.

But the most important aspect of who I am is the storyteller. My body may wander for miles, but my mind wanders across galaxies.

Writing is the ultimate form of self-expression.

For much of my life, I declined to put this passion to good use. I saw it as a feeble pipe dream.

I kept going to university, trying in vain to get my degree. It seemed, though, that I always made a bad decision that led me astray. I always did something that put me away from school.

Looking back on it, maybe it was never meant to be. Maybe I was always meant to do things my own way. You can’t domesticate a stray dog, after all.

One day, when I was 27, I sat down in front of my $150 laptop, opened up Google Docs, and started typing.

And typing.

And typing for a month until my first draft of Heather’s Mannequin was done.

7 months and 13 drafts later, it was finally ready for online publication on January 8, 2020. Fitting way to start off the decade, no?

If you want to reach me on the socials, the links are on the right-hand sidebar. Take care! 😀

Corey Toomey with copies of his book, Heather's Mannequin.