About Me

Hi, everyone! I’m Corey and welcome to my site! As you can see, this place is a work in progress and a lot remains to be done. The important thing is I’m pursuing what has always been my hobby: writing. For the most part, this site will be me writing movie/book reviews. Since I’m also a self-published writer, I’ll provide updates on my writing projects. Naturally, I’ll branch out and cover other subjects, too.

So, a little background: I was born and raised in Connecticut. I was born with a hearing loss and started learning American Sign Language when I was 15. Whether or not I’ll incorporate this part of my background into my blogs/vlogs remains to be seen. I can promise, however, that any video released by me will be captioned.

Anyway, the most important aspect of who I am is the storyteller. My body may wander for miles, but my mind wanders across galaxies. Writing is the ultimate form of self-expression. For much of my life, I neglected to put this passion to good use. I saw it as a pipe dream. So I kept going to university, trying in vain, to get my degree. It seemed, though, that I always made a certain decision that led me astray. I always did something that put me away from school. Looking back on it, maybe it was never meant to be? Maybe I was always meant to do things my own way? You can’t domesticate a stray dog, after all.

One day when I was 27, I sat down in front of my $150 laptop, opened up Google Docs, and started typing.

And typing.

And typing for a month until my first draft of Heather’s Mannequin was done. 7 months and 13 drafts later, I felt it was finally ready for online publication on January 8, 2020. Fitting way to start off the decade, no?

I can’t wait to connect with all of you. If you want to reach me on the socials, the links are on the sidebar and in the ‘Contact’ page. Take care!