Wisdom in 9 Words

The years roll forward, and then they roll away.

Rogan and Jocko: Podcast Reaction

Today, I watched a fantastic conversation on YouTube featuring Joe Rogan and Jocko Willink. Rogan is a UFC commentator with a background in martial arts. He currently hosts the most popular podcast in the world: The Joe Rogan Experience. He invites celebrities, comedians, pundits, authors, and other podcasters to have 2-3 hour long conversations with … Continue reading Rogan and Jocko: Podcast Reaction

Musings of a Former Anarchist: CHAZ (…or CHOP)

Before I grew up, I was an anarchist and wanted to be an anarchist when I grew up. And then I grew up and wasn't an anarchist anymore. I became a dirtbag conservative centrist instead. For those that aren't familiar, Anarchism is a political/social philosophy that claims governments have no legitimate right to exist. Anarchists … Continue reading Musings of a Former Anarchist: CHAZ (…or CHOP)