Heather’s Mannequin – 2020

Heather’s MannequinA fast-paced tale of psychological horror…

Heather Zlamanowski, an amputee, has only one idea of solace in this world; to be surrounded by a forest of pines and under stampeding storm clouds.

But self-imposed isolation, in a world at war, is seldom respected. Evil forces beyond the forest’s periphery are hellbent on pulling Heather in, exploiting her for their own ends.

Combining elements of gothic horror and war drama, with dystopian underpinnings, Heather’s Mannequin is a young woman’s odyssey to find love and self-acceptance.

Her story also examines the nature of identity and trauma, and what happens when these two forces tragically collide...


“A fast-paced, gripping dystopian drama!”
The Prairies Book Review

A thrilling concept at its core!”
Amazon review

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