Vlog for the Confederate Monument in Pensacola

I have a rotten habit, folks. I wait around too long, thinking things will just happen by themselves. Today's the day my bill is due? Nah, I'll just wait till they call me begging for change. Interested in a pretty girl? Nah, I'll just wait till some other dude snags her. I could do a … Continue reading Vlog for the Confederate Monument in Pensacola

Life Update: Delivery Driver!

SPECIAL DELIVERY! GOT A PACKAGE OF LIFE UPDATES FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL FANS OF TOOMSTONE! Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com After putting my foot in the door for 2 weeks, I am now working as as delivery driver in Florida. Yesterday, they put me through the ringer by having me do my first rodeo all … Continue reading Life Update: Delivery Driver!

Parler – New Account

I was today years old when I learned that Parler is a thing (it's supposed to be pronounced "Par-Lay" to follow the French word for "speak", but Americans are pronouncing how it's written). While it bills itself as an alternative to Twitter by disavowing censorship and welcoming right-wing commentators, I'm more curious as to how … Continue reading Parler – New Account