Titanic: The Flawed Masterpiece

James Cameron's Titanic is certainly a masterpiece of filmmaking. It is not, however, without its flaws.

Get Out: A Movie for Conservatives?

There's something to be said about watching and analyzing a movie years after its theatrical release. You're not in a rush to type out your blog, or post, or what have you. You can just kick back, relax, and know you're impervious to the pressures of posting punctually for views (and deeeeeelicious ad rev!!!) Jordan … Continue reading Get Out: A Movie for Conservatives?

Heathers – Movie Analysis

SPOILER WARNING Sometimes, life has a funny way of making things happen. A couple days ago one of my Twitter followers in the #WritingCommunity posted a fun "activity" tweet. She asked us to type in the name of our WIP ("work-in-progress") and put in the GIF that showed up. This was all done for hahas. … Continue reading Heathers – Movie Analysis