“Shut the Fuck Up”: The Constructive Power of Telling Others to Stop Talking

Sometimes it takes a few simple words to give us a kick in the rear. Advice. What was the one bit of advice that changed my life?

What’s the Best Advice I’ve Ever Gotten?

You want to know the BEST advice I've ever gotten? I mean, a sentence said to me by a complete stranger? A sentence composed of special words that magically changed my life? And a sentence that, hopefully, can change your life, too? 🙂 Before I tell you, I think some background exposition is in order. … Continue reading What’s the Best Advice I’ve Ever Gotten?

Instagram for Writers

Instagram...and writing. It's odd. It's like they don't belong in the same sentence, do they? Instagram is visual, and has a friggin' camera for a logo. Writing is...well, writing. Writing involves a pencil and other textual stuff. In 2020, you cannot go by as a writer if you rely on the textual, even if it's … Continue reading Instagram for Writers