Conservatism: A Roadmap for the 2020s.

I’m telling you, the urge to become an undignified political banshee is getting harder to resist by the hour. Now, I typically stay mum on politics, unless the situation beckons an alternate viewpoint (e.g. the George Floyd riots). The Inauguration is over and I have some alternate thoughts: If we elected a sharp, healthy 40-something … Continue reading Conservatism: A Roadmap for the 2020s.

National Police Defense Foundation

NOTE TO READER: I understand law enforcement is a hot button issue in this day and age. I am not, however, interested in starting a debate on my blog. Yes, I unequivocally support Police Officers. If you disagree with my politics, that's your business. If so, I kindly ask you to click away and read … Continue reading National Police Defense Foundation