I was today years old when I learned that Parler is a thing (it’s supposed to be pronounced “Par-Lay” to follow the French word for “speak”, but Americans are pronouncing how it’s written).

While it bills itself as an alternative to Twitter by disavowing censorship and welcoming right-wing commentators, I’m more curious as to how it handles cancel culture.

Twitter has been integral to my career as a content creator…

…To an extent.

It gives me easy access to so many potential readers and subscribers. Tens of thousands, to be more exact. No other platform gives me the means to connect with others with relatively little effort.

But, there’s a trade-off: if you say the wrong thing, it gets tweeted out to the same tens of thousands. And they’ll make your life a living hell.

They’ll “cancel” you, in other words.

So far, Parler has an optional identity-authentication feature that proves you’re not a bot and gives you a badge (which is nice).

But the cancel culture thing? Eh, guess it boils down to the maturity of its users.

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