Raising fire!
Raising fire!

Throwing gasoline over all the world
Blacken the structures ’til the night it ends
Clouds washed in coal, over they hover
Crowds of empty souls, burning the other

Raising inferno!
Raising inferno!

Standing tall and proud atop this pyre
And erase the words of immortal liars
At the edge of this imposing darkness I see
A blot of morning blue creeping above the trees

Raising hell!
Raising hell!

The crowds, they run away to the horizon blue
My melting skin, chipping away in a charcoal’s hue
My shrinking eyes, rotting away before the coming day
A witness to empty darkness before I pass away

Raising the sun…
Raising the sun…

The wind, it curls and slides along…
Sweeping all my ashes to the sea…
The Earth’s verdant flesh, rising o’er my brimstone reign
My carcass, breathing smoke without a marker or grave

The sun overhead, burning me all the same.

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