Post for Jessica Scurlock’s Blog

What’s up, guys? I posted as a guest on a fellow blogger’s website. Check it out!

ToomWind Podcast

According to my viewership statistics, very few of my followers know this, but I have a podcast to my name. Granted, it's in the early stages. It's currently a solo podcast and is basically just me talking to myself. In my room. Into my phone. With a dog snoring louder than a goddamn leaf blower. … Continue reading ToomWind Podcast

Welcome! (First blog)

Welcome! Welcome, everyone! For those who don't know me or follow me on social media, my name is Corey. I recently struck up the courage to pursue my writing career. Last year, in June 2019, I began a 6-month-long trek to write, edit, and self-publish my first novel, Heather's Mannequin. It's rather difficult to categorize … Continue reading Welcome! (First blog)