Machine Hands: A Poem by Corey E. Toomey

Read Machine Hands by Corey E. Toomey. A poem about the unique fatherless experience!

YouTube Chapter Reading

For those that missed it or are not subscribed to my channel on YouTube, I released a video yesterday of Chapter 1 of Heather's Mannequin. It's essentially a video of photos with a voiceover provided by yours truly. Heather's Mannequin Chapter One Video. To date, this project was the hardest one I've done. In 5 … Continue reading YouTube Chapter Reading

ToomWind Podcast

According to my viewership statistics, very few of my followers know this, but I have a podcast to my name. Granted, it's in the early stages. It's currently a solo podcast and is basically just me talking to myself. In my room. Into my phone. With a dog snoring louder than a goddamn leaf blower. … Continue reading ToomWind Podcast

Instagram for Writers

Instagram...and writing. It's odd. It's like they don't belong in the same sentence, do they? Instagram is visual, and has a friggin' camera for a logo. Writing is...well, writing. Writing involves a pencil and other textual stuff. In 2020, you cannot go by as a writer if you rely on the textual, even if it's … Continue reading Instagram for Writers