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What’s up, guys? I posted as a guest on a fellow blogger’s website. Check it out!

50 WordPress Followers…and Some Announcements.

Hey, everyone! I hope you're all staying healthy and Corona-free! It really feels like the pandemic is winding down, doesn't it? Although in my home state of Connecticut, Governor Lamont is keeping the shutdown in effect until June. I've no right to complain, this is life. Being the state Governor isn't my job, it's somebody … Continue reading 50 WordPress Followers…and Some Announcements.

YouTube Chapter Reading

For those that missed it or are not subscribed to my channel on YouTube, I released a video yesterday of Chapter 1 of Heather's Mannequin. It's essentially a video of photos with a voiceover provided by yours truly. Heather's Mannequin Chapter One Video. To date, this project was the hardest one I've done. In 5 … Continue reading YouTube Chapter Reading