Musings of a Recluse in the Age of Corona

"And the meek shall inherit the Earth." To all the Californians and New Yorkers on lockdown (and many more to come): All I can say is, "You're among friends...who barely have any friends." Just this afternoon, it was reported that a group of college students was in Florida, celebrating Spring Break. If the local government … Continue reading Musings of a Recluse in the Age of Corona

Corona! Corona! Corona!

It seems that our tech-fueled, distance-oriented culture may finally prove beneficial. Sports games, concerts, tournaments, and other public institutions are now cancelled and closed to prevent the rapid spread of CoronaVirus. Essentially, local, state, and federal governements don't want us to congregate and pass the sickness to each other. They want us to become hermits, … Continue reading Corona! Corona! Corona!