The Lust Effect on Marketing and Other Crap.

Today was...I don't even know how to describe it. I woke up this morning to find my latest blog, NoFap and Circumcision, taking off like a rocket (nope, not apologizing for the pun). It got over 70 views last night (from 8PM-12AM) and its rapid rise has stretched to today. At the time of this … Continue reading The Lust Effect on Marketing and Other Crap.

Instagram for Writers

Instagram...and writing. It's odd. It's like they don't belong in the same sentence, do they? Instagram is visual, and has a friggin' camera for a logo. Writing is...well, writing. Writing involves a pencil and other textual stuff. In 2020, you cannot go by as a writer if you rely on the textual, even if it's … Continue reading Instagram for Writers