Rogan and Jocko: Podcast Reaction

Joe Rogan and Jocko in the same room, talking about stuff? Oh, man. It doesn't get any better than that.

Why Tangent-Fueled Commentary Is Garbage

Today I released a new episode of my podcast where I gave an up-to-date assessment of the Corona situation. Honestly, no one really needed that if you have a television or internet access. The main point of today's episode was to announce I'll be cutting down on episode lengths until I start getting guests on. … Continue reading Why Tangent-Fueled Commentary Is Garbage

ToomWind Podcast

According to my viewership statistics, very few of my followers know this, but I have a podcast to my name. Granted, it's in the early stages. It's currently a solo podcast and is basically just me talking to myself. In my room. Into my phone. With a dog snoring louder than a goddamn leaf blower. … Continue reading ToomWind Podcast