It’s kind of redundant to say “no blog today” in a blog…

Thing is, I’m splitting my time between blogging, editing my novels, recording podcasts, and making videos for YouTube. When I call myself a content creator, I’m not saying that to hear myself speak.

Yesterday, I recorded a special vlog while walking through the local nature preserve. I spent about 2 days filming because my battery died the first day. Inconveniences happen, what can you do about it? Get up the next day and go after it again.

Today, I’ve spent the better part of the day waiting for my video to upload to YouTube. At the time of this writing, it’s fluctuating between 92 and 94% and it’s telling me there’s 24 minutes left. It’s probably going to be a lot longer than that, though. The internet connection I have isn’t the best, but that’s all right.

I’m willing to wait and see the fruits of my labor ripen so the entire world can sink their wet, greedy jaws into that peach.


Oh. Yeah.

So that’s what my day was like: Just waiting for something while reading the paper, and watching PewDiePie and LeafyIsHere videos on YouTube. It’s 7:15 PM right now, and I’ll make another cup of coffee if I have to stay up all night.

Patience is a virtue, my friends.


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